1. VBA Application
    Advanced Level Expertise in VBA (macros) application in MS Excel for automation of financial reporting, analytics, dashboards and financial planning.
  2. Financial Modeling
    Expert in Advanced level financial modeling for complex business models, start up projections, budgeting and planning, business strategy setting, deterministic financial plans, stochastic simulation and business forecasting
  3. Resources Optimization
    Expert in resources optimization, selection of best productivity plan, determination of high yielding investment plan through simplex technique.
  4. Setting of Growth Drivers
    Expert in setting of Business Growth Models, Growth Drivers and Growth Indicators for vertical and horizontal growth, Working capital optimization, resources planning, revenue growth indicators, determination of growth tendency, organic and inorganic business growth
  5. Business Dashboards
    Expert in designing and transforming business results into dynamic business dashboards and generating state of the art business intelligence reports for strategic decision making
  6. Financial Management
    Expert in Business planning, analysis and budgeting, Financial Health analysis, Dupont analysis, Feasibility Studies, Cost management, Management Accounting and reporting, Corporate restructuring and corporate financial management and development. `
  1. Financial Advisory
    Plays vital role as financial advisory partner to the management for strategic business thinking and decision by providing detailed and dynamic business insight, market status, Enterprise value, Return on Investment, Return on Equity, determination of ROE components
  2. Audit and Controls
    Expert in internal and external auditing process, reporting, designing of internal control process and procedures, implementation of principles of controlled environment, Expert in determination of potential fraud at transaction level and identification of misstatement at financial statement level.
  3. Performance Management
    Expert in designing and training of team for performance management, setting of vision, mission and business objectives, key performance indicators and performance measurement tools