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Take your Resume Seriously
Internal Audit Process and Reporting
Fraud Detection
An Article detaling about the professional resume developement, compeonents of a professional resume, pros and cones of an ordinary CV, difference between CV and Resume, details full insight of resume and techniques to transform a CV to state of the art Professional Resume.
An Article detaling about the entire process of an internal audit function, internal audit reporting components, drafting methodology of internal audit report, formation of audit observation and presentation of audit findings.
An Article detaling about the fraud detection during the audit process both at transaction level and financial statement level, complete insight of practical approach of identification of potential frauds and details of classical and modern fraud identification techniques
Risk Based Internal audit plan
Role of Internal Auditor
Fraud Mitigation Process
An Article detaling practical appraoch to prepare risk based internal audit plan in an organization. Complete process step by step and easy to understand for audit practioners.
An Article detaling about the importance of internal audit function in corporate world, the role of internal audit, internal audit as partner of risk analysis and front line corporate defence.
An Article detaling about the fraud mitigation process in an organization, methodolgy of fraud mitigation, process of fraud prevention and impact of fraudulent activities in an organization.